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Cannabis Impairment and DWI Recognition

The class provides the most up-to-date information pertaining to all the cannabis strains, the signs of impairment and field sobriety test studies. The class starts by reviewing the NJ cannabis laws and how it affects current police procedures. We then discuss the evolution of the cannabis flower and its increasing strengths, hash, hash oils, the several synthetics and various concealment paraphernalias such as vapes.  I continue into the signs and symptoms of cannabis and what an officer may see on the motor vehicle stop. We talk about the 5 ng/ml concept and how it cannot be used to determine impairment. Lastly, I use recent studies to show how cannabis affects the person's ability to operate a motor vehicle safely, demonstrate how to conduct the field sobriety tests properly and what clue signs you will see with someone impaired with cannabis.

DWI Essentials

This is a basic DWI class which will cover everything an officer (new or old) needs for a DWI Investigation. There is no prerequisite for this class. This class will cover all the essential elements needed to have a successful DWI Arrest. We discuss the three elements needed, 1) vehicle in motion 2) impairment 3) Impairment by drugs/alcohol. We continue into the various observational signs, the personal contact of questioning the subject, how to properly perform the field sobriety test (Cognitive Tests, Walk and Turn, One Leg Stand and Modified Romberg) then what to do after the arrest at headquarters. We will briefly cover report writing and DWI Case Law.

Beyond the DWI Investigation

Students will review the case law that is required for a successful DWI Investigation: the motor vehicle stop (vehicle in motion), personal encounter (when Miranda is required) and searching the vehicle (intoxicate searches and consent to search). We continue into how to properly write a DWI report. We will address what needs to be in your report  and how to properly explain your observations, impairment and the field sobriety tests. Last, we will prepare the student on the techniques used by the DWI defense experts and how they create doubt in court. No Prerequisite is required however this is part two of DWI Essentials.

Understanding Drug Impairment for the School Resource Officer and Educational Professionals

Description: This class is for anyone who works with juveniles. The class will cover the cannabis law as it applies to juveniles and in the school setting, the two most popular drugs juveniles use (alcohol and cannabis), we will explore all the common drug categories and which drugs juveniles tend to use, the various paraphernalia and how juveniles conceal their drug use, lastly the least intrusive means to determine if a juvenile is impaired. The goal of this course is to ensure the juvenile has a safe learning experience.

Current Drug Trends

Illegal and synthetic drugs are constantly evolving. This course will review all the currently new and old drugs and how they affect a person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. Students will learn the various drug categories, the natural and synthetic drugs and how they display impairment. No Prerequisite is required

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