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Michael S. Kelly - D.I.C.E. LLC

Michael S. Kelly is currently a police officer with the Jackson Township Police Department assigned as the Patrol Sergeant on the afternoon platoon. During his twenty-year career, Sgt Kelly has been assigned to the Patrol and Investigation Divisions.  He is also the President of the New Jersey Association of Drug Recognition Experts. He has been involved in over 400 Drug Recognition Evaluations and DWI arrests.

Prior to being in Law Enforcement, Sgt Kelly received an Associate’s Degree in Biology from Ocean County College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology/Criminology from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a Master’s Degree in Criminology from Florida Metropolitan University.


Sgt Kelly has extensive training in drug impairment and enforcement. Sgt. Kelly has been a certified Drug Recognition Expert for over seventeen (17) years and a Drug Recognition Expert Instructor for over eight (8) years. Sgt Kelly has taught drug impairment in Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Virginia and New Jersey. He has also created and developed a Drug Impairment and DWI course that has been taught in both Lakewood and Jackson Police Departments.

Sgt Kelly has been part of several panels and guest speaking engagements with the New Jersey League of Municipalities, NJSBA to discuss cannabis impairment, workplace impairment and the New Jersey Cannabis Law. 

Sgt. Kelly has been married for 10 years and has two wonderful children age 9, and age 7. His family gives him the motivation to provide education in the dangers of drug impaired driving.

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Brian E. Robbins - D.I.C.E. LLC

Brian Robbins is currently a Patrol Sergeant with the Dunellen Borough Police Department assigned as the supervisor in charge of a day-shift squad. During his twenty one year career, Sgt. Robbins has been heavily involved with the training of other officers.  He is currently the supervisor and instructor in charge of department training, Field Training Officer program, Taser program, VIRTRA, and agency administrator overseeing and submitting NIBRS data.


Sgt. Robbins has been a Drug Recognition Expert since 2011 and a Drug Recognition Expert Instructor since 2016.  He currently serves on the executive board for the New Jersey DRE Association as the Sergeant at Arms. His involvement in the FTO program since 2013 has added to his experience with incidents involving impairment due to drugs or alcohol, totaling in the thousands.  Sgt. Robbins has been the recipient of the Mothers against Drunk Driving (MADD) Award eleven times and the Driving While Intoxicated Top Gun Award three times.


Sgt. Robbins received multiple letters of Commendation over the years, several of which were for seizing illegally concealed loaded firearms from suspects that were arrested for DWI.  He had the experience of testifying in Superior Court on these cases which all resulted in guilty verdicts and state prison sentences.


Prior to being in Law Enforcement, Sgt. Robbins received a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.  During his senior year, he completed an internship with the Kutztown University Police Department. ​


Sgt. Robbins has a great deal of pride when it comes to providing students with the best possible training and instruction as it pertains to drug and alcohol impairment.  He holds himself to the highest standard, always keeping abreast of the newest trends, laws and technology.  He looks forward to challenging you in class.


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